The Origins of TraceTrust



Merril Gilbert, founder and CEO of TraceTrust, sat down with Total Pharmacy during the Natural Products Expo in Baltimore, MA, about the origins of her company TraceTrust and the principles on which it was founded.

Merril Gilbert, founder and CEO of TraceTrust: So, what’s really important to know is that my business partner and I came to this industry from the food and beverage manufacturing side and in innovation. And we really saw this as this emerging industry and realized very quickly that we could make beautiful products, that we could compete on many different levels, but really what we saw [as] the biggest concern was in consumer confusion and really unpredictable results. And that if this really was going to be something incorporated into a health and wellness lifestyle, people really needed to understand what they could expect: how it was going to perform; when does it come on; when does it come off; does it matter what time of day; does it matter if I’m a male; does it matter if I’m a female. All of these things. And so we, coming from our expertise, said: you know what, we come from food safety and education; we come from implementing GMTs and third-party certifications, and so we wrote a standard based just on just that around dose accuracy, ingredients, and the entire life cycle of the product and is that something that can be validated through lab process.

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