How Pharmacists Can Expand the Conversation on Cannabis-Infused Products



Merril Gilbert, founder and CEO of TraceTrust, explains how pharmacists can expand the conversation on cannabis-infused products during the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, MD.

Merril Gilbert, founder and CEO of TraceTrust: I really think that this is a high-level answer about verifiable supply chain, products that are recognized in the marketplace, not just somebody off the street or from the gas station. Ideally something that is coming out of Canada or the United States where there is a rigorous testing on the plant side. But it would be great to have the pharmacists and have the conversation with them in a group­–and particularly in different regions from the United States–to see what their patients are out there asking for. What are the questions that they have that they are trying to, because–again– it’s pretty unknown. So, we’re just at the crux of having research. UCLA, USC are doing some things. Israel is going to be coming out with so much, but we don’t know. Is it a male-female, how your metabolism, what happens if I eat, what happens if I’m following a Keto diet and there’s no sugar, but I eat a gummy that’s high in sugar? We don’t know how to answer those questions yet, and that’s why bringing people together from various industries and being those leaders and advocacy for educational and consistent terminology around expectation.

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