Cannabis-Infused Edible Products to Look Out For


Merril Gilbert, founder and CEO of TraceTrust, sat down with Total Pharmacy during the Natural Products Expo in Baltimore, MA, about certain cannabis-infused edible products that pharmacists can look out for in the future.

Merril Gilbert, founder and CEO of TraceTrust: Again, going back to the fact that we’re advancing so quickly with new technologies and new extraction methodologies, we’re getting so much better at understanding the strains and understanding the effects, and the terpene in the with the THC and CBD and the entourage effect of what these things can do and how they interact is really phenomenal. So, the sublingual is a wonderful way of which to consume, because it’s under the tongue, it’s quick, and it gives the opportunity for time release. Beverages [are] huge: you’re going to just see it explode like crazy, but again because of being able to isolate and really refine the types of effects that you’re trying to create. So I think those are the things and then really with the topicals; health and beauty, pain relief, all of these are really good actors that are making phenomenal things and it’s really–as I said–that education and learning about some of these products and really looking behind the curtain to make sure that they’re really, you know, following good–they’ve got good agriculture and good manufacturing processes in place will really help the really look for things that are emerging and going to make their consumers and their customers extremely happy.

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