Offering Vaccinations in Schieber Pharmacy


Larry Schieber, RPh, pharmacist and owner of Shieber Pharmacy in Circleville, OH discusses how his pharmacy offers vaccinations at the Cardinal Health Retail Business Conference in Nashville, TN on July 19, 2019.

Larry Schieber, RPh: Initially, we got involved in vaccines, even before pharmacists could administer vaccines, we sponsored the health department coming in and doing an immunization clinic. And, we got a lot of publicity for that. It wasn’t unusual to have people completely lined up around the building waiting on their vaccines. So, people started to think of us in terms of flu shots. So, then when pharmacists were permitted to give vaccinations, we got the training right off the bat and we still do, we probably did close to a thousand vaccinations last year.

Now, we’ve expanded to zoster and a number of other things, but I think our store has become a go-to place when people think of vaccinations.

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