Cardinal Health's LEADER Generic Brand in Pharmacy


Katie Westgerdes, PharmD, pharmacist at the ONU Healthwise Pharmacy, discusses the Cardinal Health generic brand, LEADER, and its place in the ONU Healthwise Pharmacy during the Cardinal Health Retail Business Conference on July 19, 2019.

Katie Westgerdes, PharmD: Yes, so LEADER is Cardinal Health’s generic brand for OTC items. It’s the brand that we stock most often and it’s also the one that we recommend most of the time. It saves the patient money and we also make a good margin on it ourselves, so it only makes sense that we’re helping the patient save money, but doing well as a business, too.

So, some of the things that we sell most often are cough & cold, we’re on a college campus. So we sell a lot of those types of things, but they also have a 100% money-back guarantee. So, if a patient gets a product, for example, like a blood-pressure cuff, and they’re not positive that it’s recording it correctly or they’re having issues with doing it themselves, we can send that back and give the patient a full refund. So, that’s a really nice bonus for our patients and for us, because we’re able to take care of them through that guarantee.

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