Year in Review: 2021 Top Women’s Health News from Drug Topics®


Take a look back at the top 10 women’s health news articles published on Drug Topics® this year.

Did you miss the top women’s health news of 2021? Catch up on the noteworthy news that you might have missed this year.

10. Cannabis Use on the Rise in Pregnant Women During Pandemic

A study released in JAMA reveals a 25% increase in cannabis use in pregnant women during the pandemic in the United States.

9. Study on Pregnant Women Points to Importance of Timely Flu Vaccination

Researchers examined the effects of severe acute respiratory infections on pregnancy and reported some concerning findings.

8. New Advances in Breast Cancer Therapy

Breast cancer continues to affect women globally, with approximately 13% developing invasive disease. New treatment regimens and options are on the horizon for breast cancer therapy.

7. Encourage Pregnant Patients to Get Vaccinated for COVID-19, ACOG Says
"The spread of misinformation and mistrust in doctors and science is contributing to staggeringly low vaccination rates among pregnant people," said the American Colleges of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

6. Efforts Underway to Increase Contraception Access Across the United States

One year after the close of the Increasing Access to Contraception (IAC) Learning Community, participants had sustained their efforts in support of at least 1 goal: to improve adolescent girls' and women’s access to the full range of contraceptive options.

5. Women’s Health Series: Menopausal Hormone Therapy Not Linked to Dementia

A study published in The BMJ reveals that menopausal hormone therapy is not linked to an increased risk of developing dementia in women.

4. Gender Equity Matters in Health Care

When women are underrepresented in health care, half of our world’s population becomes at-risk.

3. Pharmacist Prescribed Contraceptive Access Program Successful

Patients in California were able to receive a contraceptive prescription during a visit with a pharmacist

2. Expert Interview: Monica Mallampalli, MSc, PhD, on Biosimilars and Women’s Health

In part 1 of this series, Mallampalli sat down with Drug Topics® to discuss biosimilars as a treatment option for chronic health conditions and their impact on women’s health.

1. Celebrate National Women Pharmacist Day 2021
The fourth annual Women Pharmacist Day will take place on October 12 and honor the many strides made by women in pharmacy. Head to the Drug Topics® social media pages to celebrate.

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