Celebrate National Women Pharmacist Day 2021


The fourth annual Women Pharmacist Day will take place on October 12 and honor the many strides made by women in pharmacy. Head to the Drug Topics® social media pages to celebrate.

Women Pharmacist Day will take place on October 12. Join Drug Topics® in celebrating all those women pharmacists have accomplished and the many contributions made every day. Quality care is at the forefront of pharmacy and these pharmacists deserve to be celebrated for all of their hard work and quality care throughout the past year.

October is additionally National Pharmacist Month and was selected for this special day to extend this celebration. The first woman pharmacist in the nation was Elizabeth Gooking Greenleaf. She was both a mother and pioneer for women in pharmacy and October 12 honors her.

Currently, women make up 75 percent of the workforce in this field. Sixty years ago, this number was 8 percent. Women have made amazing strides in earning PharmDs and becoming pharmacists, with over half of all PharmDs graduates being women.

Women Pharmacist Day is about celebrating these women for being the healthcare providers that are trusted in their communities for other women. Women, for example, make up approximately 80 percent of decisions regarding purchasing for their families, according to the statistics.

Visit our social media pages to join in the conversation highlighting these women. Comment your favorite woman pharmacist on October 12 and thank the female pharmacists in your life. Use the hashtag #WomenPharmacistDay and head to our social media pages to join in the celebration.1-3


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