Year in Review: 2021 Top Podcasts from Drug Topics®


Take a look back at the top podcasts published on Drug Topics® this year.

Did you miss the podcasts of 2021? Catch up on the noteworthy news that you might have missed this year.

9. ThoughtSpot Series: Closing the Healthcare Gap
Our final episode in our ThoughtSpot 2020 podcast series features National Pharmaceutical Association (NPhA) president Ryan Marable, PHarmD and immediate past president Lakesha Butler, PharmD, who shared their insights on health disparities and the social determinants of health.

8. McKesson Series: The Right Drug at the Right Pharmacy at the Right Time
In episode 14 of Over the Counter, Brad Dayton, RPh, senior account executive at Supplylogix, talks inventory management solutions in the pharmacy space.

7. Reach Your Business Goals in 2021
In part 1 of our podcast series with American Associated Pharmacies (AAP), AAP President and CEO Jon Copeland dives into key pharmacy industry trends.

6. Succeed in Pharmacy Ownership
In a recent podcast with First Financial Bank (FFB), Bob Graul and Drew Hegi of the Pharmacy Lending Division share insights into the keys to success for first-time and multiple store ownership.

5. An Essential Guide to Wholesaler Purchase Agreements
Independent pharmacy owners must understand how the components of a wholesaler purchasing agreement are assessed and valued in order to make informed decisions.

4. Keep Up With Policy Changes Affecting Independent Pharmacy
This special Over the Counter episode, brought to you by Total Pharmacy® and Omega Pharmacy Group, dives into how to navigate the business of independent pharmacy and get ahead of key policy changes.

3. ThoughtSpot 2021 Series: Reducing Health Disparities
As part of our ThoughtSpot 2021 podcast series, guest host Dr. Lonie Haynes leads the conversation with diversity experts on how pharmacists can work to reduce health disparities.

2. Good Neighbor Pharmacy Customers Across the US Reflect and Look Forward
Good Neighbor Pharmacy customers from rural, suburban, and city areas reflect on the past year and discuss the future of independent pharmacy.

1. ThoughtSpot 2021: Global Independent Pharmacy Trends
As part of our ThoughtSpot 2021 podcast series, guest host Jenni Zilka, President of Good Neighbor Pharmacy, leads a conversation on global trends in independent pharmacy across the US and Europe.

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