An Essential Guide to Wholesaler Purchase Agreements


Independent pharmacy owners must understand how the components of a wholesaler purchasing agreement are assessed and valued in order to make informed decisions.

In the second episode of our 3-part podcast series with American Associated Pharmacies (AAP), we dive into the various elements of a purchase agreement between an independent pharmacy and a pharmaceutical wholesale distributor.

Wayne Boese, vice president of sales at AAP, discusses how pharmacy owners can:

  • Identify the factors that can impact the total cost of goods and inventory buying costs.
  • Learn the value of buying flexibility, and dig deep into the percentages and what they mean for your pharmacy.
  • Identify the indicators of profitability.
  • Improve cost of goods.

In this world of shrinking margins, this topic should be at the topic of every independent pharmacist’s list. Listen to the podcast to learn more. 

This podcast episode is sponsored by American Associated Pharmacies.

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