Weekend ICYMI: May 27 to May 31


In case you missed it, this week we had news about AI's role in promoting skin cancer awareness, the legalization of edible cannabis, expanding the role of the pharmacist, and more.

Slideshow: AI in Skin Cancer Awareness Creates New Opportunities for Care

The rapid pace of AI development highlights a crucial opportunity for pharmacists. As the most accessible health care providers—and often the first to be approached by patients with undiagnosed skin conditions—they are well-positioned to learn about evolving AI applications in dermatology. This knowledge can empower the health care professionals to leverage AI’s potential in future care.

Health care professional examining moles on patient's arm / Taras Grebinets - stock.adobe.com

Health care professional examining moles on patient's arm / Taras Grebinets - stock.adobe.com

CGM, Exercise Can Improve Health Outcomes in Type 2 Diabetes

Combining the use of continuous glucose monitors with regular physical exercise could improve self-care behaviors and reduce the risk of long-term health complications in patients with type 2 diabetes, according to recent research published in the journal Science and Sports. The authors of the study said the findings could “substantially mitigate the financial burdens associated with diabetes management.”

Emergency Visits in Canada Tripled After Legalization of Edible Cannabis

Following the legalization of edible cannabis for non-medical use in January 2020, emergency department (ED) visits in Ontario, Canada more than tripled compared with the pre-legalization period. With public sentiments increasing in favor of cannabis legalization and a possibility of under-reported cannabis-related ED visits, researchers stressed the importance of adequate research, education, and counseling for cannabis users.

Pharmacist-Provided Care for Common Conditions Could Increase Access, Save Money

Care provided by community pharmacists for several common conditions could result in greater access to health care services for patients in rural and underserved areas and public health cost savings, according to new research published in ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Research. The authors said the findings support the benefits of removing barriers to clinical care opportunities.

Bird Flu Infects Second Human as Outbreak Continues

A dairy farmer in Michigan tested positive for H5N1 (bird flu) this past week on May 22. Despite the CDC’s indications that a human outbreak is still unlikely, this marks the second case originating from dairy cattle in the US since April 1. Since the first case of bird flu in 2024, reported by a Texas dairy farmer, experts are concerned the virus has mutated and is more susceptible to infecting humans than previously.

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