ThoughtSpot 2020: AmerisourceBergen's Commitment to Independents and Community-Based Care

Expert Interview

Bob Mauch, PharmD, RPh, Executive Vice President and Group President of AmerisourceBergen, and Rich Tremonte, President of Community & Specialty Pharmacy, AmerisourceBergen, discuss AmerisourceBergen's commitment to independents and community-based care.

Bob Mauch: The pharmacists who have really worked so incredibly hard throughout the pandemic, they're heroes in a lot of ways, and I just want to say thank you. The pharmacy community has demonstrated something that has been known for a long time. They're accessible, they're there when people need them, and during the pandemic and that was absolutely on display. And as many folks were going home to shelter in place, pharmacists went to their stores, and they were there for people who needed them. So I just want to say a really big thank you.

Rich Tremonte: So many examples that we actually put a section on our website that we labeled Fearless Pharmacy.

You can go there and you can see on Fearless Pharmacy, there's over 50 stories and they range from compounding hand sanitizers for EMT workers all the way through making sure that folks have lunch who are impacted by COVID. Perhaps they have lost their jobs, or just really going out there and making sure folks have the protective equipment.

We have so many stories from all these pharmacies that we were inspired by them all and we said, “We need to get these stories out there.” Because they're not a big chain where they can get that impact alone. And each story alone is amazing. When you put them all together, it's just simply staggering to see the impact these pharmacies are having on their communities.

Bob Mauch: What I would love our customers to take away from ThoughtSpot is really 3 simple things. One is that they hear a big thank you from AmerisourceBergen for tremendous work that they do in their communities, taking care of patients and their customers.

The second is that we understand and have a really clear view of a much bigger role that pharmacists and independent community pharmacy can play in health care. And all the things that we're doing are intended to help them thrive and grow and meet those future needs. And they're going to see that at ThoughtSpot.

And lastly, that will always be there by their side. No matter how situations change, no matter how the market changes, AmerisourceBergen will always be there for the independent community pharmacist.

Rich Tremonte: Pharmacy is continuing to prove to be an asset in health care for the US. We are just so grateful as AmerisourceBergen to be able to empower and really power these pharmacies every day to be able to service their patients in a way that we know is best in class.

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