ThoughtSpot 2020: A Message From AmerisourceBergen


A message to independent pharmacists from AmerisourceBergen and Good Neighbor Pharmacy.

Bob Mauch, PharmD, RPh, Executive Vice President and Group President of AmerisourceBergen, and Rich Tremonte, Executive Vice President and President of Community & Specialty Pharmacy at AmerisourceBergen, provide a takeaway message from ThoughtSpot 2020.

Bob Mauch: What I would love our customers to take away from ThoughtSpot is really 3 simple things.

One is that they hear a big thank you from AmerisourceBergen for the tremendous work that they do in their communities, taking care of patients and their customers.

The second is that we understand and have a really clear view of a much bigger role that pharmacists and independent community pharmacy can play in health care, and all the things that we're doing are intended to help them thrive and grow and meet those future needs. And they're going to see that at ThoughtSpot.

And lastly, that will always be there by their side. No matter how situations change, no matter how the market changes, AmerisourceBergen will always be there for the independent community pharmacy.

Rich Tremonte: We are just so grateful as AmerisourceBergen to be able to empower and really power these pharmacies every day to be able to service their patients in a way that we know is best in class.

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