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ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition

Vaccination from the Misinformation Virus

On Monday, December 6, ASHP 2021 Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition presented a documentary detailing the widespread misinformation prevalent on COVID-19 and vaccines.

Results of Naloxone Counseling, Dispensing Program in a Community Pharmacy

A poster presentation at the ASHP 2021 conference detailed how naloxone counseling can impact the opioid crisis through patient education.

Pharmacy Wins: States Evolving and Expanding Pharmacist Role in Reimbursement and Provider Status

In a session, presenters discussed Medicare Part B and the 340B Drug Pricing Program.

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Thoughtspot 2021

As part of our ThoughtSpot 2021 podcast series, guest host Jenni Zilka, President of Good Neighbor Pharmacy, leads a conversation on global trends in independent pharmacy across the US and Europe.

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Stay tuned for our latest news updates on COVID-19.

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In Case You Missed It: Magnesium Supplements Impact Patient Blood Pressure Control

Research results showed a significant difference in blood pressure control when patients took magnesium.
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