Magnesium Supplements Impact Patient Blood Pressure Control


Research results showed a significant difference in blood pressure control when patients took magnesium.

Magnesium supplementation may lead to a “significant difference” in blood pressure control, according to research results presented at the 2021 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition.

Researchers conducted a retrospective chart analysis evaluating whether there is a correlation between magnesium supplementation and blood pressure control in patients with a cardiovascular diagnosis. In particular, the aim of the study was to examine whether magnesium supplements would increase, decrease, or show no difference in blood pressure control. Researchers also evaluated the baseline characteristics linked with blood pressure control.

The study cohort included adults presenting to a family medicine clinic 2018 and 2019. Patients were categorized based on the treatment they received. Group A included those prescribed daily magnesium supplements who were compliant with daily magnesium supplementation. Group B included patients who were not prescribed daily magnesium supplementation.

A total of 569 charts were evaluated of long-term patients who had a cardiovascular diagnosis like hypertension. Patients were excluded if they were pregnant, outside the age range, or taking a dosage of daily elemental magnesium above 1000 mg.

Patients who were not prescribed magnesium were more likely to have high blood pressure (14%) compared with patients who were prescribed magnesium (8.4%). The odds of high blood pressure were 1.78 times higher for those not taking magnesium compared with patients who were taking magnesium (95% CI, 1.04-3.05).

”This review demonstrated a significant difference in blood pressure control and the use of the vitamin magnesium,” the researchers concluded, adding that the increase in use of vitamins and other alternative therapies will “demand more education on the selection of these therapies and how they can make an impact on a patient’s life.”


1. Dotson S, Stabler L. Retrospective review of vitamin supplementation with magnesium and the effects on blood pressure control. Presented at: ASHP 2021 Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition; December 5-9, 2021.

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