Summer first aid kit: New items for those stings, bites, cuts, and sprains

A roundup of OTC products to help manage the small hurts left by summer fun.

Sprains, strains, and stings...bruises, burns, and bites can happen year-round, but summer fun seems to bring out the worst in sun, pests, and mishaps. Your patients will be looking for new items for their summer first-aid kits as they set forth, hiking, camping, boating, or simply hanging out in the backyard.

A few options to consider follow.

Wound care


Irritated skin

Among its ingredients are triglycerides, fumed silica, aloe, ginger root extract, and vitamin E. Unscented and stainfree, this product will be of particular interest to athletes, fitness devotees, uniform wearers, and the obese.

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