Protest planned to demonstrate against FDA's failure to approve Provenge

Several healthcare groups are planning to stage demonstrations on May 30 over FDA's decision not to approve Provenge for prostate cancer.

Upset that the Food & Drug Administration did not approve Provenge (sipuleucel-T, Dendreon Corp.) for prostate cancer, several healthcare groups are planning to stage coast-to-coast demonstrations on May 30. The groups are angry because an FDA panel had voted 17 to 0 to approve Provenge, yet the agency did not give the go-ahead for its release. As a result, they say that 27,000 men have died since FDA?s decision. Spearheading the demonstration is CareToLive, a nonprofit group seeking transparency from FDA. Joining CareToLive are the Cancer Cure Coalition, the Abigail Alliance, A Right To Live, and the Sarcoma Foundation of America. The groups believe that Provenge is an effective immunotherapy that spurs patients? healthy cells to fight their cancer.

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