News Roundup: New ADHD Prodrug Review, Study Finds Second COVID-19 Vaccine Dose Safe


Here’s a roundup of the latest news coverage from Drug Topics®.

New Prodrug for ADHD in School-aged Children

Ser/dex is a dexmethylphenidate-based prodrug for ADHD in patients 6 years and older.

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It’s Safe to Receive Your Second COVID-19 Vaccine After an Allergic Reaction, Study Finds

A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine explained that a first dose reaction to COVID-19 vaccination should not deter people from receiving their second dose.

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What’s The Risk of Pertussis in Kids Who Are Undervaccinated or Delayed in Vaccination?

For children who have either experienced a delay in pertussis vaccination or who haven’t received the recommended number of doses, what is their risk of pertussis? A new study provides answers.

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Study Links Processed Food to Inflammatory Bowel Disease

A study published in The BMJ revealed a link between ultra-processed foods and a higher risk of IBD.

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Flu Season is Approaching, but Experts Don't Know What to Expect

Although COVID-19 safety measures helped squash the number of influenza cases last season, pharmacists are revving up vaccination programs and testing.

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OTC and Prescription Products Can Relieve Psoriasis

Pharmacists can educate patients on psoriasis treatments and lifestyle modifications, address expected drug-related adverse effects (AEs), and improve medication adherence.

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How to Tactfully Handle Naloxone Counseling

Naloxone education often requires difficult but necessary conversations with patients.

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