New York pharmacies add DNA paternity test kit


A DNA paternity test kit is available in New York retail pharmacies for the first time.

Identigene in Salt Lake City, Utah, is selling its Identigene DNA Paternity Test Kit at Duane Reade stores across the state. The kit is likely to become available at other major pharmacy chains in New York within a few months, according to Identigene's executive director, Steve Smith.

"We used to sell online only. What motivated us to go through retail is that many consumers were requesting that type of option. Retail helps consumers feel comfortable with the product," Smith said.

Since the New York State Department of Health has audited and certified Identigene's laboratory, the DNA Paternity Test Kit can be purchased at Duane Reade's clinics or stores for $29.99. The complete service - which includes Identigene's laboratory fee, physician authorization, and fee for the collection witness - costs consumers approximately $300. That fee is "hundreds of dollars less than the traditional paternity testing process," according to Identigene.

"Depending on which lab you use, paternity testing online can cost from $500 up to $1,000, for just one test," Smith said. The testing kit sold in drugstores streamlines the paternity testing process and according to Smith makes it "much more convenient and affordable."

When consumers buy the retail paternity test kit, they can have Identigene set up the DNA collection appointment, or they can set it up themselves with the physician of their choice.

"They just take the collection kit to the appointment, send in the swabs and paperwork, and get their results within about 3 days," Smith said.

The results can be viewed online by customers and their physicians through a login ID and password, Smith said.

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