McCoy-Tygart Drug, A Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year Finalist


Donald “Sparky” Hedden PD, Senior Partner, McCoy-Tygart Drug, shares his story as Good Neighbor Pharmacy's finalist for Pharmacy of the Year.

Being a second-generation pharmacist, it's all I’ve ever known. I grew up in the drugstore kind of as a delivery boy - pick them up at daycare and bring them in and they’d sit in the back room.

Growing up in the store, it's unbelievable seeing those connections that my parents had.

I've been here so long now, I've seen a lot of third generations that I’ve taken care of, some fourth generations I've taken care of.

That's the only kind of pharmacy that I knew, and I think that's the way that community pharmacy should be. Sparky has big shoes to fill. He's a larger than life personality. Everyone knows him. Having those 8 or 9 years working side by side with Dad every day, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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