IV Compounding Software Reduces Risk of Med Errors


IV compounding software can help reduce errors and increase patient safety.

The newest version of BD Cato IV preparation software technology from BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), is being lauded by pharmacists. This newest release is intended to increase the accuracy of intravenous medications during the compounding process.

Amanda Rapson McCoy, PharmD, a Clinical Pharmacist at St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Edgewood, KY, said that the newest

Amanda Rapson McCoy, PharmDversion of BD Cato is “much more user friendly.”

“It is straightforward and uses familiar language for our IV room staff. This results in better understanding by our technicians,” McCoy said.

McCoy asserted that BD Cato is unique because it processes doses by the use of gravimetrics, where each step of the compounding process is not only verified via barcode and visual, but also by weight.  
Prior to the implementation of BD Cato, McCoy said that pharmacists relied on technicians to tell them how much additive was injected into the base solution.

“We did not have visual verification of the amount injected into the bag. Now, with gravimetric verification, not only do we have visual and barcode verification, but we have a weight confirmation of each step,” McCoy said.

It works this way: A physician enters an order and the pharmacist receives it and verifies it. The order is then sent to BD Cato, which determines what is needed for compounding the medication and the order is sent to a queue where the tech sees the order.  

BD Cato identifies what is available from inventory and then it chooses the option that results in the least amount of waste from both a volume perspective as well as shortest expiration date.

The technician is responsible for setting up the dose and obtaining ingredients with correct corresponding lot numbers. Once this is complete and validated the tech preps the dose by scanning the vial, placing it on a scale, and weighing it. The tech then draws up the dose into a syringe. BD Cato, using gravimetric verification, then weighs the dose and confirms appropriate amount, or identifies if a potential error occurred, all the while taking detailed photos of the process.

BD Cato verifies the dose is accurate again and the tech delivers the medication to the pharmacist, who can then check photos to see how the compounding of the drug was handled throughout the entire process. The dose gets checked again and a final bar code label is added. BD Cato provides documentation that tracks who compounded the product, the lot number used, the patient it was sent to, as well as to which patient it was dispensed.

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