Entertainment For Good: AAP to Donate Proceeds from Speed Painting Auction


The donation will be made to the Dylan Jude Harrell DIPG Foundation

Attendees at this year’s American Associated Pharmacies (AAP) Annual Conference are in for a treat as speed painter Jessica Haas—the first female speed painter in the United States—takes the stage.

Haas is the fastest speed painter in the entertainment industry. She rose to prominence after winning ABC’s Gong Show, and now holds records for performing the fastest painting on national TV and is the first—and fastest—award-winning female speed painter to win on a national television network.

Haas, a lifelong artist, began speed painting at age 15, motivated by the goal of sharing her passion for art during the 90-second talent portion of the pageants she competed in. In 2013, Haas became the first speed painter in the history of the Miss Tennessee pageant to win the talent competition with a speed painting act, and in 2016, at just 26 years old, New York Magazine named Haas “the mother of the pageant speed painting movement.”1

Today, Haas is bringing her speed painting skills to AAP’s Annual Conference, where the painting she creates will be auctioned off to attendees, with proceeds being donated to the Dylan Jude Harrell DIPG Foundation, a nonprofit organization created in 2020 by AAP board member Jeff Harrell and his wife Casey Harrell, in memory of their daughter Dylan.

“Dylan Jude Harrell was a sweet and sassy 4-year-old when she was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) on August 8, 2018. DIPG is a rare, incurable brain cancer that affects 200 to 400 children a year, typically between the ages of 4 and 11,” said Casey. “Dylan bravely battled DIPG without complaint for 20 months and passed away on April 9, 2020.”

DIPG is a highly aggressive, difficult to treat, high grade malignant brain tumor, accounting for 10% of all childhood central nervous system tumors.2

“The Dylan Jude Harrell DIPG foundation was formed to spread awareness of DIPG, help fight for a cure and assist other families facing this devastating diagnosis,” she added.

Currently, the foundation is fundraising to build the Dylan Jude Harrell Community Center—“a place where people young and old come together to make memories, find community, and have fun”3—in Long Beach, Washington. To learn more about Dylan and the Dylan Jude Harrell Community Center, or to make a donation to the Dylan Jude Harrell DIPG Foundation, visit www.djhcc.org/facility.

To watch Hass’ speed painting event, tune in to AAP’s Facebook Live event this Friday at 1:10 p.m. ET: https://fb.me/e/kfYFkggb


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