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Offering services such as point-of-care testing and bundled products marketed as recovery kits can increase customer loyalty.

Community pharmacies play a crucial role in providing accessible health care services to their local neighborhoods. Point-of-care testing (POCT) and recovery kits offer a unique opportunity for these pharmacies to not only enhance their services but also increase their return on investment (ROI). By strategically marketing these services, pharmacies can effectively address the immediate health care needs of their customers while differentiating themselves from larger competitors.

Create Comprehensive Recovery Kits

To maximize ROI, pharmacies can create recovery kits that encompass a range of solutions addressing common concerns, such as hydration, nausea, immune support, sleep, and energy. By bundling these solutions together, pharmacies can increase cash sales while offering convenience to customers, eliminating the need for additional visits. Importantly, these items are exempt from direct and indirect remuneration (DIR) fees, providing an advantage in revenue generation.

Pharmacy shelves / Tyler Olson - stock.adobe.com

Pharmacy shelves / Tyler Olson - stock.adobe.com

Communitywide Marketing

Marketing POCT and recovery kits to the wider community can set a pharmacy apart from big box stores. By highlighting the accessibility of the pharmacy as a crucial asset for prompt testing and treatment and emphasizing the short window for effective treatment once symptoms appear, the convenience of your pharmacy’s services is positioned as a valuable proposition. Sweeten the value by collaborating with local businesses or schools to address their concerns about the spread of contagious outbreaks, and develop relationships with administrators, which can lead to further opportunities such as flu clinics.

Incorporate POCT Promotion During Vaccinations

Although the goal of vaccination is to prevent illness, vaccines aren’t foolproof. Utilize waiting time during and after vaccination to educate patients about the pharmacy’s POCT offerings. Place signage in the vaccination waiting area showcasing the range of tests available, and outline what a typical recovery kit entails. By capturing the attention of customers who are already in a health care–focused setting, the pharmacy can increase awareness and interest in its additional services.

Leverage Social Media for Education

Engage customers through social media platforms by providing valuable content on health care topics. By sharing information about different symptoms, testing options, and preventive measures, pharmacies position themselves as reliable sources of community health information. Consider launching a social media series dedicated to testing and vaccination as early as possible before cold and flu season begins. This approach can lead to increased community engagement and trust.

Community pharmacies have ample opportunities to diversify their offerings and demonstrate their value within the health care ecosystem. Through strategic marketing of services such as POCT and products such as recovery kits, pharmacists can effectively address customers’ immediate health needs while differentiating themselves from larger competitors.

By focusing on convenience, accessibility, and community engagement, these pharmacies can solidify their role as trusted health care providers and improve their ROI in the process.

Kris Rhea is the vice president of business development–health care at Biolyte.

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