Breaking Down Return Solutions’ Rx Returns Process with Jeremy Cundiff


Jeremy Cundiff, PharmD, co-owner of Professional Pharmacy Group, joined Drug Topics to discuss Return Solutions and the company’s Rx Returns process.

For all types of pharmacists all across the country, inventory management is key to executing a successful pharmacy operation. From ensuring maximal profitability from the medications on hand to redispensing to manufacturers when prescriptions go unused, a pharmacy’s inventory is crucial for providing direct care to community members that need it.

In a recent episode of Over the Counter, Jeremy Cundiff, PharmD, co-owner of Professional Pharmacy Group, sat down with Drug Topics to detail his experience working with Return Solutions.

Return Solutions offers the fastest Rx return credit in the industry, with credit received in as few as 10 days. They are also one of the oldest and most trusted Rx return providers in the industry with endorsements from over 30 group purchasing organizations. Return Solutions’ focus on independent pharmacies means their solutions are tailored to put pharmacists first so they can focus on their patients and business.

Before getting into his experience with Return Solutions, Cundiff shared his background as co-owner of Professional Pharmacy Group. Along with co-owner Neil McGarvey, Cundiff and Professional Pharmacy Group operate 4 retail pharmacies and a long-term care facility in Maryland. After opening their first store 15 years ago, Professional Pharmacy Group’s hopes are to expand the company’s offerings as pharmacy grows in the future.

“We serve as both a drug repository and a depository,” said Cundiff. He explained how the state of Maryland established a repository program for expired and unused drugs to be redispensed to those in need. “[We’re] just looking for opportunities to help people,” he continued. His original vision for re-dispensing was simply to offer his community with alternative ways to access high-cost, life-saving drugs.

Cundiff then delved into his relationship with Return Solutions and how they have allowed his business to maximize return credits and make the most of his entire inventory, even when drugs are not moving off shelves.

“Profitability is a huge issue in retail pharmacy as we all know. Every year it seems to get ramped down,” said Cundiff. He explained that expired prescriptions need to be addressed and sent back to manufacturers to maximize returns. And that’s where Return Solutions comes into play.

Cundiff discussed Return Solutions’ role in facilitating his pharmacies’ returns. With years of experience, Return Solutions is one of the premier businesses in the Rx returns industry and their grasp on manufacturers’ return policies is why companies like Professional Pharmacy Group keep their relationship with Return Solutions in such high regard.

“We’ve actually had Return Solutions for a long time,” he continued. “I’ve probably had them for 10 years now. We’ve had 2 different reps [and] that continuity of the same person coming in, knows our operation, knows where we keep our box that we do put identified returns in… [it] makes us feel like we’re getting a consistent product when they walk into our stores.”

He explained how he uses Return Solutions’ credits, how their RX returns have improved his company’s bottom line, and other areas of his business that Return Solutions has allowed him to give a deeper focus.

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