Best of the Best: Top Business Strategy Coverage in 2022

Total Pharmacy JournalTotal Pharmacy January 2023
Volume 01
Issue 01

Pharmacy owners rely on the coverage Total Pharmacy® provides in order to make the best business decisions each and every day. Last year, we covered a wide range of topics, including staffing, social media, and more. Take a look back at our top business strategy articles from 2022.

10. Our Success Is in Our People

The Flip the Pharmacy program provides tools to pharmacy technicians and non-pharmacy support staff of Mitchell’s Drug Stores to help provide patient care.

9. Power in Numbers

Flip the Pharmacy helped this Jonesboro, Arkansas, pharmacy go from a traditional dispensing one to a pharmacy offering robust clinical services.

8. Documentation Pays Off in More Than 1Way

Quality documentation ensures pharmacies get paid for clinical services and offers a way to engage with patients.

7. Motivate, Incentivize Your Team After the “Great Resignation”

Quality documentation ensures that pharmacies get paid for clinical services and offers a way to engage with patients.

6. Total Pharmacy® Solutions Summit: A Day of Education for Independent Pharmacists

Thought leaders from across the community and independent pharmacy spaces came together for a day of education and insight.

5. Supporting the Next Era of Independent Pharmacists in the US and Abroad

The future of independent pharmacy requires the combination of what makes independent pharmacy special and the digital landscape found elsewhere in retail.

4. Thriving in a Digital World: Marketing Strategies for Independent Pharmacies

Cut through the online noise with these digital marketing tips for your independent pharmacy.

3. How to Hire Staff During the Great Resignation

Practices can use these strategies to attract skilled workers to open positions.

2. Marketing 101: How to Market Your Independent Pharmacy

If you consider yourself a health care professional first, marketer second, tune in! Expert Ginny Langbehn joins Drug Topics® to answer pharmacists’ most common questions.

1. Empowering Pharmacist-Physician Collaboration

As a pharmacist, embedding yourself in a primary care practice can have positive outcomes for both patients and your business.

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