Benefits of AI in Independent Community Pharmacies


Drug Topics® talks to community pharmacy owner Steve Moore about the benefits of AI.

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Steve Moore: My name is Steve Moore. I'm an independent community pharmacy owner from Plattsburgh, New York.

Lauren Biscaldi: So, can you talk a little bit about how you've adopted technology, AI or otherwise, into your pharmacy?

SM: Yes, we've always been big believers in technology through pharmacy, any way to become more efficient. It'll make us better at what we do. Absolutely. In regard to the AI pricing program, we’re really excited about the consistency and the methodology to help us you know, from day to day, patient to patient.

LB: So, what kind of changes have you seen, you know, in terms of workflow and patient care from bringing technology into your pharmacy?

SM: Yeah, so specifically in regard to the AI program, it's been consistent from day to day, patient to patient, week to week. There's no more calls from staff you know, “What are we charging for this person, for this drug?” It helps to protect our UNCs in a case of third parties as well and has just made life a little bit easier for us.

LB: So, would you be able to share a real-world example of the benefits that adopting technology has brought to you?

SM: Yeah, absolutely. So, we all know there are pricing discount programs out there that aren’t most friendly to community pharmacies to independents. And you know, we have patients who bring in those cards you know, daily, if not weekly, and, you know, we're able to offer an alternative that's good for the patient, good for the pharmacy, and you know, helps to preserve our relationship while also not allowing us to work with people who don't want to work with.

LB: So, what is your kind of top piece of advice to other pharmacists who are looking to bring technology into that pharmacy?

SM: Yeah, ask around, you know, and one of the great benefits of working with a group like Prescryptive is the team that's behind what they're doing. You know, I joke with Paige [Clark] that they only brought four PhDs to the call with me to explain the program. So, it's like, you know, “Hey, you guys know more about this than I do.” So, it's an incredible resource to have behind me. You know, I know what I know as a pharmacist, but to have somebody who can help me build out the technology platform, you know, and help make it work for my situation incredibly valuable.

LB: And so, as you know, as a pharmacist, obviously, that's not your area of expertise, what helps drive your interest in bringing technology into your pharmacy space?

SM: Just to make life easier, and to be more efficient. You know, we only have so many hours in a day, you know, my wife would like me home a little bit more. So, you know, most of the time at least. But, you know, at the same time, you know, we need to do everything we need to do but we only have a small amount of time to do it in.

LB: So, that was everything I had. I do want to turn it over to you though. Do you have any final thoughts, key takeaways any last thought that you want to leave your viewers?

SM: Yeah, excited to be working with Prescryptive for their clinical care service scheduling program, and platform we’re onboarding that. They've done such a great job working with my colleagues in New York. They've been a great partner for point-of-care testing. So, I'm excited to start working with them for immunizations as well as point-of-care testing at Condo Pharmacy.

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