April Month in Review: Top Stories on Drug Topics®


Take a look back at our most popular news from April 2022.

Did you miss the top stories on Drug Topics® this month? Catch up on these noteworthy stories today.

10. Expert Interview: Update on Pediatric Vaccines for COVID-19, RSV

William J. Muller, MD, PhD, discusses COVID-19 vaccinations for children and what is on the horizon for a potential RSV vaccine.

9. Pediatric Immunization Updates for 2022

What pediatric health care providers should know about the 2022 Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices schedule updates.

8. Empty Nails Are the Cure for What Ailed Them

Our columnist shares true stories of pharmacists who have left the practice for their own greener pastures.

7. Staying Active During Shingles

Light exercise has both physical and emotional benefits

6. Best Practices to Prevent Vaccination Errors

Vaccination errors are common but preventable mistakes.

5. A Deep Dive for Pharmacists on Social Determinants of Health

Does your zip code actually impact your health?

4. Imagining A Future Without Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

The pandemic underscored the incredible power of vaccination.

3. Paving the Way: Transition from Community to Health System Pharmacy Practice

Making a smooth transition from community pharmacy to health system pharmacy practice is possible, especially for those with marketable skills.

2. Shingrix Guidelines for the Immunocompromised

The CDC has updated recommendations for shingles vaccination.

1. Creating A Successful Social Media Presence

Social media is a great way to gain exposure, but there are many dos-and-don’ts to understand when signing up for a social platform.

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