Year in Review: 2021 Top Technology News from Drug Topics®


Take a look back at the top 10 technology news articles published on Drug Topics® this year.

Did you miss the top technology news of 2021? Catch up on the noteworthy news that you might have missed this year.

10. How Can Independent Pharmacies Employ Telemedicine to Compete With Big Chain Pharmacies?

2020 changed the way many consumers view their local pharmacy.

9. 5 Frequently Asked Questions about Drug Diversion Management
The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the "hidden epidemic” of drug diversion. The good news is that health care systems are recognizing the need to switch to a more proactive approach.

8. Build a Successful Hospital Pharmacy Analytics Program

Leverage internal partnerships and demonstrate the value of data

7. Thermometers: A Review

Pharmacists must be familiar with the different thermometers so they can ensure proper use by the consumer.

6. Hospital Pharmacies and Budget Management: How Technology Can Help

The hospital pharmacy must play its part by leveraging technology to control the costs of doing business and supporting the enterprise in addition to focusing on patient care.

5. Technology Advances Are Needed to Advance the Profession

Innovation is everywhere, but cumbersome pharmacy technology remains an issue.

4. Expanding Access Takes Telepharmacy to the Next Level
Increases in service hours, programs, and locations lead to higher patient satisfaction, and lower costs.

3. Improve Immunization Efficiencies With Automation

Pharmacies can leverage technology for their workflow and system management. Here’s how.

2. FTC Clears Up Health Breach Notification Rule

Considering the widespread use of apps for transferring health data, the Federal Trade Commission offered clarity on the rule.

1. Immunization Information Systems: Beyond the Basics

Immunization Information Systems provide confidential, population-based, computerized database that records all immunization doses administered by participating providers within a geographic area.

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