Year in Review: 2021 Top COVID-19 News from Drug Topics®


Take a look back at the top 10 COVID-19 news articles published on Drug Topics® this year.

Did you miss the top COVID-19 news of 2021? Catch up on the noteworthy news that you might have missed this year.

10. COVID-19 Vaccinations Change the Role of Community Pharmacy
At some independent pharmacies, pharmacists are voluntarily working longer, unrecorded hours to provide patient care.

9. OTC Considerations for COVID-19

Many individuals have been asking if they can take things at home, such as vitamins and OTC medications, to decrease their risk of contracting the virus or to self-treat themselves

8. Evaluating Analgesic Use During COVID-19

Mean days of therapy per 1000 patient-days were reduced across medication categories.

7. COVID-19: Large Number of Hospital Personnel Still Unvaccinated

Nearly one-third of hospital personnel had still not been vaccinated against COVID-19 by mid-September.

6. Pandemic Decreases Average Number of Weekly Insulin Prescription Fills

Prescription fills decreased most significantly in a subgroup of adults.

5. Omicron Variant: Moderna Announces Updates to SARS-CoV-2 Strategy for Variants of Concern

The Omicron variant was first identified in South Africa on November 24, 2021.

3. FDA Evaluates Omicron Variant for Impact on Previous Prevention Measures

The FDA is currently investigating whether the new COVID-19 variant will evade current mitigation strategies and diagnostic tools.

2. Pharmacy in 2021: Trends to Transform an Evolving Profession

How will a change in administration, a vaccine for COVID-19, and other factors change the industry in the year ahead?

1. COVID-19 Infection, Vaccination Outcomes in Explored at ASH Annual Meeting

A number of studies evaluated how COVID-19 infection and vaccination impact patients living with blood cancers and other blood disorders.

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