Which pharmacies excel at MTM? Here are a few


Winn-Dixie named top pharmacy for MTM by Outcomes

"This is the first year Outcomes has named top annual performers," explained Brand Newland, Pharm.D., Outcomes' director of clinical services. "The chains have started to make MTM a higher priority, and some have really put a lot into it. Winn-Dixie stuck out a little bit above the rest for its commitment to providing MTM services."

Rodriguez noted that the firm now has counseling rooms in 40% of its stores, while the other stores have partitioned areas to conduct MTM or other counseling sessions. The company worked to make sure the sessions would fit into the normal work flow and changed its scheduling to compensate. Most R.Ph.s, he noted, were quick to take advantage of the opportunity.

"We communicated to the pharmacists that MTM would allow them to use the tools they were taught at school," Rodriguez said. "A lot of MTM consists of services they were already performing. It is just a matter of documenting the data."

In Florida, Winn-Dixie is working with Outcomes for processing its AvMed MTM claims. In addition, the company is participating in a separate Humana MTM program. Both programs are part of a Medicare quality improvement organization (QIO) MTM program developed by FMQAI, the third largest QIO in the country. (For more on the program, see Drug Topics, Feb. 19.)

LeBlanc is optimistic that Winn-Dixie's MTM leadership will help the chain retain quality pharmacists and attract new ones. "When you talk about MTM, students get excited," he maintained. "We are looking for students who want to do this service. It is a win, win, win scenario."

Dennis Ferguson, a pharmacist at Hill's Drug Store of Easton, Md., also sees MTM as a key differentiator. Hill's Drug Store was one of three regional pharmacies recognized by Outcomes. Sometimes his MTM sessions last an hour, providing patients with a quality of care that separates Hill's from the other nearby pharmacies. "It is a good feeling to know that people appreciate the service," he explained. "They are glad to get the service and they don't mind waiting."

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