Western States Pharmacy Coalition


Bruce Kneeland discusses the WSPC and the work that Kevin DeMass, RPh, president of the Apothecary Shoppe in Salt Lake City, UT, does with the organization.

Bruce Kneeland: You mentioned elevate which reminds me. You’re the chairman of the board of the WSPC, one of the innovative group-purchasing organizations. Tell us a little bit about WSPC. 

Kevin DeMass, RPh: WSPC’s a great organization that’s growing by leaps and bounds every day. They started out originally back in as a tri-state. They worked in California, they worked in Washington, and they worked in Oregon. Today, we’re in 15 states coast to coast ocean to ocean and with their we’re in to help drive values for pharmacy and to drive profit for independent pharmacy just like me.

So, it’s built up of people just like me who are in the trenches every day doing patient care getting that patient back on their feet, get them as healthy as they possibly can, and trying to help us make a profit and move forward

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