The Power of Technology in Pharmacy


Paige Clark discussed what technology can do to help pharmacists at the fall 2022 Total Pharmacy Solutions Summit.

The time has come to embrace technology, said Paige Clark in her session at the Total Pharmacy Solutions Summit on October 22, 2022. Clark covered a variety of topics including the pricing problem and what technology can do for it, the benefit of using technological solutions that were created by fellow pharmacists, utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to do price reviews to allow for further interaction with patients, and a case study that illustrated the effectiveness of AI pricing.

When considering who to work with, Clark said, "We are experts in patient care. We are experts in running our pharmacies. We are experts in a lot of things, but as pharmacists we are not necessarily experts in technology. We might even be a bit of a technophobe. I would say that that certainly was true of me as well. We need to understand how to ask the right questions of our technology partners about data security. "

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