Takeda, ADA create online resource guide for T2DM management


ConnecT2Day is designed to help healthcare providers counsel patients in managing type 2 diabetes.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals and the American Diabetes Association (ADA) have launched ConnecT2Day, an online resource guide designed to help healthcare providers counsel patients in managing type 2 diabetes.

“Patients need educational and motivational information as they work each day to manage their disease,” said Marjorie Cypress, PhD, C-ANP, CDE, ADA’s president, healthcare and education. “Active self-management is key for people living with diabetes, and ConnecT2Day provides healthcare practitioners with the resources they need to help them better connect and converse with their patients about their health.”

The tools

Developed from data provided by providers and patients, ConnecT2Day resources include an online professional engagement portal that features research findings, dial testing created from focus groups, and downloadable tools such as a Patient Conversation Toolkit. The toolkit provides a pocket reference card to which healthcare providers can refer when talking with diabetes patients, as well as a summary of research findings on the condition.

“Supporting healthcare professionals and ultimately patients is of utmost importance to us at Takeda, which is why we are delighted to collaborate with the [ADA] on ConnecT2Day,” said Charles Baum, vice president and head, U.S. medical and scientific affairs, Takeda Pharmaceuticals International. “At Takeda, we recognize that healthcare professionals play a critical role in how their patients think about and in turn manage this complex disease.”


The tips

The tips offered at the website include suggestions to influence positive behavior through emphasis of the benefits of better self-management rather than the threat of potential complications. Another tip suggests building trust with patients, as research indicates that when patients believe their healthcare provider understands and hears them, they are more committed to their treatment regimens.

The website also suggests providing patients with type 2 diabetes straightforward, factual explanations of what is happening in their bodies, instead of metaphors or analogies.

Takeda and the ADA developed the tips through the use of qualitative and quantitative primary research of patients and healthcare providers throughout the United States. Researchers collected real-world messaging used by healthcare providers and measured that language to determine how it resonated with focus groups.

To access ConnecT2Day, visit http://professional.diabetes.org/ConnecT2Day_Home.aspx.

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