Study says teens switching from street drugs to Rxs


Prescription drugs are now the second most common illegal drugs used by teens to get high, after marijuana, according to a new report, "Teens and Prescription Dugs: An Analysis of Recent Trends on the Emerging Drug Threat." The report, released by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, also shows that the majority of teens who use these products are getting them easily and for free. The report shows that teens are turning away from street drugs, like marijuana and cocaine, and abusing prescription drugs, wrongly believing they are safer than street drugs. The number of new users of Rx drugs has now caught up with that of new users of marijuana. The analysis also shows alarming trends in teen abuse of cough and cold medicines. Director of National Drug Control Policy John P. Walters said, "Parents need to know that ? suppliers of these drugs might not be sinister characters on the street corner, but are more likely close friends or relatives."

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