Software as a Service to Elevate Patient Care in the Pharmacy


Nicolette Mathey, PharmD, founder of ATRIUM24 and DottiCRM, discussed software as a service within the pharmacy.

At the April 2024 Total Pharmacy Solutions Summit, held virtually on April 13, Nicolette Mathey, PharmD, founder of ATRIUM24 and DottiCRM, led a discussion titled “Innovations in Pharmacy Business Management.” She focused on software as a service (SAAS) designed specifically for pharmacy operations.

In a pharmacy setting, software as a service is a tool at pharmacists’ disposal to manage patient care and complete pharmacy tasks in the most efficient ways possible. As technology in the pharmaceutical space evolves, new tools helpful for managing a pharmacy will help expand the scope of pharmacists’ clinical duties and create more bandwidth for pharmacists to access a larger pool of patients.

“When we think back to the impact on patient care, SAAS definitely improves patient outcomes through optimized operations and services [and] enhances patient engagement and their access to essential products and services,” said Mathey. “There's a lot of things we do in pharmacy on a daily basis that we wouldn't be able to do without technology.”

She also discussed how SAAS is integrated with the pharmacy profession and its ability to streamline workflows. Pharmacists, according to Mathey, require perfection. If SAAS can streamline information while simultaneously taking tasks off the plates of pharmacists, it is a win-win for pharmacy business management.

“Anytime that we can automate tasks and streamline processes within the pharmacy, of course that reduces manual errors, which is pivotal, and it will improve our efficiency,” continued Mathey.

Mathey also discussed SAAS’s ability to improve patient care and enhance patient communication.

“We can track patient engagement to customize our communication to them, leading to a better understanding of medications and improved adherence. [For] the different strategies to elevate patient care, technology and SAS solutions are vital for improved patient care, prescriber connectivity, and patient engagement,” concluded Mathey.

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Spring 2024: Elevating Patient-Centric Care
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