Pharmacists Can Help Alleviate Men’s Mental Health Crisis


Patrick Alonso, PharmD, CPh, discusses how pharmacists can support men dealing with mental health issues and lifestyle changes he recommends to male patients to improve overall health.

Stigma associated with mental health illness negatively impacts everyone, but it seems to be a particularly difficult issue for men. While nearly 1 in 10 men experience depression, only half will receive treatment.1 This is likely due to several barriers that men face which results in not wanting to discuss or seek help for any struggles they may be experiencing.

Although women are around twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression, men are 4 times more likely to die by suicide.2,3 Men also have higher rates of illicit drug use or dependence and are more likely to report lower levels of life satisfaction compared to women.4 Considering these issues, promoting mental health among men is crucial.

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Patrick Alonso, PharmD, CPh, owner and manager of Your Tampa Health Care Advocates and co-host of the Men’s Health Unscripted podcast, has been active in the men’s health space for just about 7 years. He said that since 2022, he has seen a significant shift in how seriously men take their mental health.

In an interview with Drug Topics, Alonso discussed how pharmacists can support men dealing with mental health issues and lifestyle changes he recommends to male patients to improve their overall health.

“When I really want to get into an intricate discussion about men’s mental health, I would say [managing] stress [is key],” Alonso said. “Stress causes increased blood sugar, increased blood pressure, [and] puts us at more risk for metabolic disease. It just doesn’t allow the body to function the way it was intended to. Doing yoga, going for a run, hanging out with friends; those are really some important aspects that I think men have kind of gotten away from.”

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