Pharmacy Patient Care


Bruce Kneeland discusses patient care with Kevin DeMass, RPh, president of the Apothecary Shoppe in Salt Lake City, UT.

Bruce Kneeland: And, to be clear, you own the pharmacy?

Kevin DeMass, RPh: I do, I own the pharmacy. I bought the pharmacy, and I’ve been running the pharmacy now for a little more than 20 years.

Bruce Kneeland: Wow, and so you talked a little bit about some of the different kind of patients you have. You are at the leading edge of pharmacy of enhanced patient care. Tell us a little bit about the 2 or 3 kinds of categories of patients and how you meet the unique needs of this patient population.

Kevin DeMass, RPh: Oh, easy. We like sick patients, and we like sick patients to be healthy. We deal with infectious disease. We deal with mental and behavioral health patients and we deal with cardiac patients as well, so we’re great partners with our hospital. So, when patients come out and they get ready to come home, we’re kind of that next transition in care to get them home, get them back into their community, get them back in with their families, and get them back into the work place where they can carry on, where they feel comfortable.

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