Optimize Pharmacy Technician Roles In Immunization, Patient Care Services

What workflow is best for your pharmacy team?

As COVID-19 vaccinations ramp up and more Americans become eligible to receive the vaccine, community pharmacies are facing high demand. Moreover, pharmacists continue to keep pace with additional services to deliver optimal patient care, all while stepping up to assist in accelerating immunization efforts. 

During these times, an optimized team workflow is crucial to each pharmacy’s success. Issues with personnel, insurance, and workflow challenges all must be addressed to meet the current demand. And as pharmacists step into expanded roles, opportunities arise for certified pharmacy technician (CPhTs) to tackle the increasing needs across the pharmacy.

A recent webinar brought to you by Drug Topics® and the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board, discussed how to optimize your pharmacy technicians. Now available on-demand, you can watch the event to:

  • Discover training opportunities for technicians in advanced and specialty roles, including immunizations and point of care testing.
  • See how patient care is advanced when CPhTs take on expanded responsibilities
  • Explore enterprising ways to optimize care services, such as medication management, nursing home consulting, screenings, adherence, and community health 

Watch the webinar here to learn more.