Revenue Diversification in Pharmacy


Bruce Kneeland discusses opportunities that pharmacies have for diversification with Kevin DeMass, RPh, president of the Apothecary Shoppe in Salt Lake City, UT.

Bruce Kneeland: With that as a foundation, there’s a lot going on in the profession right now. You’re not what you would call a typical independent, but you are an independent. What do you think are some of the opportunities that most of your peers are overlooking right now in the profession?

Kevin DeMass, RPh: I think the big problem is people are just trying to open the door and fill prescriptions. And you come to the door that’s what we do you, you come here and you can buy drugs, right? But now we’re changing it. Now it’s information driven and it’s data driven and now in today’s – in 2019, patients need that drug information just as much as they need that drug. They need to know how to take it, what can they take it with, what do they want to avoid, how long do they take it, and what should their expected outcome be. If I take this drug for this long time of this amount of time where is that going to get me? And that’s my job and my staff’s job is to be able to educate them. If you follow these steps, this is what you can expect, and we can give you the best possible outcome.

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