Origins of the ONU Healthwise Pharmacy's Med Sync Program


Katie Westgerdes, PharmD, pharmacist at the ONU Healthwise Pharmacy, shares her experience with the medication synchronization program at her pharmacy at the Cardinal Health Retail Business Conference on July 19, 2019.

Katie Westgerdes, PhamD: Absolutely, so I actually started a med-sync program before I started the ONU Healthwise Pharmacy. We opened in January of 2018, but before that I had done med sync and compliance packaging in a different independent pharmacy so when we started the new pharmacy it just made sense that we were going to continue that. There were so many beenfits not only for our patients but also for the pharmacy and our staff, it just made sense to continue that.

Another part of the reason we decided to do med sync and compliance packaging was we have a mobile clinic for the University, so it’s a pharmacy-led clinic that goes out into the community and provides preventative health care services so we were able to capture some of those patients who needed things like med sync and compliance packaging through that connection to the community.

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