NJ and CO Governors Partner to Support Youth Mental Health


United States leaders work together to create bipartisan solutions for the youth mental health crisis.

The National Governors Association (NGA) and New Jersey and Colorado leadership hosted a roundtable discussion in Santa Monica, California, about challenge and solutions related to youth mental health.

NGA Chair and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Colorado Governor Jared Polis led the discussion, which included physicians, pediatric psychologists, parents, educators, other policymakers, and mental health experts.1 The conversation centered on advancing the NGA Chair’s Initiative: Strengthening Youth Mental Health, which is a collaboration between governors from across the United States that focuses on identifying challenges and solutions, raising awareness, and reducing stigma connected to the youth mental health crisis.2

New Jersey First Lady Tammy Murphy, North Carolina First Lady Kristin Cooper, and California First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom also spoke at the event about identifying holistic efforts to support youth and their families.1

“The youth mental health crisis isn’t unique to New Jersey or California—it’s an issue that transcends both state and party lines,” Phil Murphy said in a press release.

“From small towns to big cities, parents, children, and educators are confronting this struggle in their everyday lives. We need a comprehensive approach to not only connect young people with resources, but empower parents and teachers to identify signs of mental health challenges and provide positive support. By holding these convenings with governors from across the country and across the aisle, we are working to raise awareness, encourage action, and find real mental health solutions that any state can make their own.”

“Both youth mental health and maternal and infant health are crises that have affected our nation’s families for far too long,” Tammy Murphy added in a press release. “We are grateful that our platforms allow us to shed light on these issues and make necessary change that will positively benefit our constituents. Regardless of political party, we all must come together to find and provide solutions and resources for each of these communities in every state.”

This article was originally published in Psychiatric Times.


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