New report shows ways to boost flu shot rates among health employees


The National Foundation for Infectious Diseases has issued two reports to increase influenza immunization rates among health employees.

Dissatisifed that only 42% of healthcare professionals have obtained their flu shot, the National Foundationfor Infectious Diseases (NFID) has published a call to action report and anotherone listing best practices for increasing immunization rates. Among the suggestionsfor boosting immunization rates are:

  • Mobile vaccination cart programs
  • Free vaccinations on site
  • Intensive education and awareness programs
  • Useof new technologies
  • Signed declination forms
  • State legislation and mandateprograms

NFID warned that unvaccinated health employees have led to flu outbreaksin their facilities. For instance, in one long-term care facility in which onlyone out of 10 health personnel was vaccinated, 65 people came down with the flu,resulting in hospitalizations and a few deaths. NFID's two reports can be foundon their

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