New Partnership Aids Specialty Pharmacists


Asembia, a provider of specialty pharmacy solutions, recently integrated its Asembia1 specialty pharmacy workflow platform with QS/1 pharmacy dispensing systems. Drug Topics spoke with Shivani Patel, PharmD, Asembia’s Vice President of Clinical Operations and Technology, to find out how this new integration will help specialty pharmacy operations.

DT: First, can you explain the features of Asembia1’s platform?

Shivani PatelPatel: Asembia1 is a web-based platform that optimizes specialty pharmacy operations, prescription workflow, and overall patient management by seamlessly integrating with pharmacy dispensing systems used by specialty pharmacies across the country. Key features include prior authorization management, copay and patient assistance programs, customized patient care plans, internet work as well as interpharmacy communication, and compliance monitoring. The platform allows pharmacies to customize scheduled and scripted outreach to patients and caregivers, as well as track patient outcomes and interventions, including inbound/outbound calls and text messages. The system also offers robust manufacturer and payer-specific reporting, which allows pharmacies to capture drug or payer required data fields within the typical pharmacy workflow.

DT: How will the integration with QS/1 help specialty pharmacists?

Patel: This integration will allow QS/1 pharmacies using NRx or PrimeCare to easily adopt Asembia1 as a bolt-on solution for specialty pharmacy patients and disease states. Pharmacists can use Asembia1 tools to streamline specialty services as needed, without making changes to their current operating system. Integrated pharmacies will be able to see QS/1 system data within Asembia1, enabling users to manage patient care for specialty and nonspecialty medications. Paired with the integrated products available through QS/1, Asembia1 will enable pharmacies to meet specialty pharmacy patients’ needs.

DT: Who will benefit from the integration?

Patel: The Asembia1 system can benefit pharmacy users of any size, including independent pharmacies, retail chains, closed-door specialty pharmacies, and IDNs [independent delivery networks]. It enables real-time communication among all professionals involved in a patient’s therapy so that prescribers can collaborate more closely with pharmacies using QS/1. The ultimate goal of our partnership with QS/1 is to improve patient outcomes.

DT: What is the future of this software?

Patel: Asembia continues to invest significant resources to develop our technology platform in ways that enhance prescription workflow and create pharmacy efficiencies while improving the patient experience. The Asembia1 platform has become the core of our business. Our goal is to connect all stakeholders for optimum patient care.  

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