New over-the-counter insect repellants

Manufacturers are unleasing new over the counter insect repellents just in time for summer.

Tender Corp. is unveiling Natrapel 8 hour. The company claims that the product, which contains 20% of the active ingredient picaridin, is non-oily, non-greasy, and offers a mild scent. Natrapel 8 hour is supposed to offer up to eight hours of protection from mosquitoes, black flies, ticks, and other biting insects. The item comes in a 3.5-oz. pump as well as 12-piece wipes.

Tender Corp. is also introducing AfterBite Outdoor ComboPak. The firm claims the product eliminates the pain and itching of insect bites and stings and even marine life stings from jelly fish.

S.C. Johnson is premiering OFF! FamilyCare Smooth & Dry, from the makers of Skintastic. The company claims the product, the first cornstarch aerosol repellent in the United States, "goes on dry, feels comfortable, and has a pleasant scent." It contains 15% DEET to ward off mosquitoes for up to six hours.

S.C. Johnson is also trotting out OFF! PowerPad Lamp and OFF! PowerPad Lantern. Both items use heat-activated pads that are supposed to repel mosquitoes covering an area of up to 225 square feet. Once the lit candle heats the pad, the repellent in the pad is released to provide protection.

Spectrum Brands is unwrapping Backwoods Cutter Mosquito Wipes. The firm claims that the wipes are ideal for active families that spend many hours outdoors, repel mosquitoes for up to eight hours in areas of heavy mosquito activity, and provide all-day protection plus all the advantages of an easy-to-use wipe. The wipes are designed to allow controlled application to sensitive areas, such as the face and neck, and enable coverage of other hard-to-reach areas such as the back of the legs. The wipes come in a 20-count re-sealable snap-shut canister and are formulated with DEET.