NCPA Recommends Prescryptive Health AI-Optimized Pricing System to Community Pharmacists


MyRx AI Pricing uses enhanced analytics to bring dynamic pricing to pharmacies and cash-paying customers.

In a first of its kind partnership, the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) has announced their official recommendation of Prescryptive Health’s myRx AI Pricing system, a cash pricing model driven by artificial intelligence.

“As the voice of the community pharmacist, we know that helping our pharmacists compete in the digital age is imperative,” said B. Douglas Hoey, RPh, in a press release.1 “By utilizing this technology, our NCPA member pharmacies can utilize cutting-edge technology to stay competitive while also continuing to do what they do best: take care of their patients.”

MyRx AI Pricing brings together AI-driven insights and enhanced analytics with a team of data scientists who analyze pharmacy claims data to look for opportunities to implement customized, dynamic pricing for cash-paying customers. Pharmacists then receive enhanced analytics and actionable insights—both based on Prescryptive’s predictive model that adjusts based on evolving analytics.

“Prescryptive is pleased to partner with NCPA to bring this cutting-edge technology to community pharmacies, the backbone of our healthcare delivery system,” said Paige Clark, RPh, vice president of pharmacy programs and policy at Prescryptive, in an email to Drug Topics®. “In my years as a pharmacist, I’ve seen how the profession has had to adapt to market pressures and pivot quickly. This partnership is the next phase of the pharmacists’ evolution of leveraging groundbreaking technology capabilities to continue to serve our patients.”

Interested in learning more about Prescryptive Health and the myRx AI Pricing system? Check back throughout the weekend for our continued coverage of the 2022 NCPA Annual Convention and Expo.

Drug Topics’ coverage of the 2022 NCPA Annual Convention and Expo is sponsored Prescryptive Health.


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