More novelty OTCs elbow onto store shelves


Manufacturers are launching new over-the-counter medicines that are innovative.

These days, manufacturers are flooding retail shelves with over-the-counter productsthat contain provocative ingredients, scents, and/or new formulations. Here'sa rundown of the novelties:

Cough& cold

Cold-EEZE is introducing Organix Cough and SoreThroat Drops medicated with natural menthol derived from organic peppermintoil with pectin. They come in Orchard Cherry, Golden Honey Lemon, Dark ChocolateMint, and Purely Peppermint flavors.

Cold-EEZE Immune Support complex10 is the second newbie. It contains 10 botanicals, including panax ginseng,hawthorn leaf, Himalayan goji, and eleuthero root.

Procter & Gambleis launching Vicks Early Defense Nasal Decongestant Spray with the activeingredient oxymetazoline hydrochloride. Through heat-activation technology, theformula sprays into the nose and turns into a gel.

Boiron is unveilinga 12-dose box for its Oscillococcinum flu medicine.


Pfizer is premiering Listerine Whitening Quick DissolvingStrips, which dissolve on teeth and are intended to whiten teeth in two weeks.

TheNatural Dentist is launching Healthy Teeth & Gums toothpastes thatare sweetened with xylitol. Flavors include Whitening Plus Peppermint Twist, SparkleBerry Blast, Peppermint Twist, Orange Zest, and Peppermint Sage. All of the formulascontain natural fluoride except Peppermint Sage.

P&G is bringing outGlide Shred Guard floss that is guaranteed to be shred-resistant.

Chattemis marching out ACT Restoring Mouthwash in spearmint, cinnamon, and icycool mint.

GlaxoSmithKline is debuting Aquafresh Advanced toothpastefor "25% stronger enamel." Glaxo's White & Shine toothpasteis now available in berry fresh flavor.


Spectrum Brands has introduced Cutter Advanced Sportinsect repellent with an odorless formula. The repellent contains 15% picaridinfor protection against mosquitoes and ticks.

Spectrum is also rolling outRepel Lemon Eucalyptus and Cutter Lemon Eucalyptus.

OFF! FamilyCareSmooth & Dry insect repellant is a new entry from SC Johnson's Skintasticline. The cornstarch aerosol repellent contains 15% DEET.

Dermedics Laboratoriesis taking the wraps off X-PEL Professional Lice Elimination System, andX-Pel Professional Lice Removal Kit. The active ingredients in the homeopathictreatment are Apis mellifica, carbolicum acidum, and Ledum palustre.

Forbabies and Juniors

Novartis Consumer Health has developed BabyGas-X Infant Drops with no alcohol, no saccharin, and no artificial colorsor flavors. Novartis is also rolling out Junior Maalox Plus Antigas in wild berryfor acid indigestion, heartburn, sour stomach, upset stomach, and gas.

J&Jis unveiling Desitin Clear, enriched with vitamins A and D to prevent andtreat diaper rash.

For women

SystemJO Products is launching System JO H2O Personal Lubricant, a water-basedlubricant for women.

Razorsand creams

BIC is unveiling Soleil Citron Pivot, a women'srazor with a dual strip of shea butter and citrus-scented handles.
Gilletteis launching Venus Breeze, a women's razor with built-in shave gel bars.

PerioInc. is unveiling Pure Silk Moisturizing Shave Cream for women with aloein a raspberry mist fragrance and Barbasol Ultra Premium Shave Cream ExtraMoisturizing with aloe and lanolin for men.

Church & Dwight islaunching Nair For Men Hair Remover Body Cream.

New dipilatoriesfor women include Nair Bikini Crème, Vanilla Smoothie; PrettyHair Remover Spray, and Nair Sensitive Formula Bikini Cream with GreenTea.

Skin care

Playtexis bringing out Hawaiian Tropic Instant Island Glow Daily Moisturizer withTinted Lip Gloss SPF15 Duo Pack. The pack includes a bronzer, daily moisturizer,sunless tanner, and tinted lip gloss. The moisturizer has a green tea fragrance.The lip gloss has a vanilla flavor.

Also new from Hawaiian Tropic: SunJunk Continuous Spray Sunscreen SPF 30 with a lime kiwi scent; Oil Free SensitiveSkin SPF 50+ with Sensitive Lip Balm SPF 45+ Duo Pack is also making a debut aswell as Fusion Blend Dark Tanning Spray SPF 4.

Playtex is usingAvoTriplex photostable UVA technology in the following Banana Boat products: UltraMistSport SPF 15, 30, and 50; Sun Wear Daily Sunblock Lotion SPF 50; Sun WearDaily Faces Sunblock Lotion SPF 30; Dri-Blok Sport SPF 30, and Dri-BlokKids SPF 30.

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