Marketing Your Pharmacy



Bruce Kneeland: One of the things that brought me here is some of the marketing programs that you’ve used. Tell us a little bit about some of the brochures and the mailings and the doctor detailing and other social media things that you’re doing that are helping people in this area know who you are and come visit you.

Theresa Dickinson, RPh: Sure. We have GRX marketing as kind of my background marketing group. They are very helpful for me if I need an ad printed, and sometimes I give them very short notice when I need it printed by. They help me build my materials really quickly. They’ll help if I hear of a new program, like there’s a text messaging program, I informed them of this company, they looked into it, did the research for me, helped set it up for me. The people there are great. I’ve had flyer content that I wanted to piece together certain things, and they put that together really quickly for me, they came up with a marketing plan. So they’re really my backbone marketing go-to group that I work with.

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