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RNs have more than RPhs?

Re: "Stand up and make yourself heard" [View from the Zoo, July 2012]:

I agree with David Stanley that unionization is probably the only answer.

John H. Abeel, RPh

Kudos to Ken

My thanks to Ken Baker for writing the cover story ("Medicaid Payments") for the July 2012 issue of Drug Topics.

I have practiced pharmacy for 28 years and have owned a rural independent community pharmacy for 17 years. I am truly concerned about fair reimbursement on prescription medications, not only from Medicaid, but also from all third parties.

Although there seems to be a new definition of retail community pharmacy, we still must compete against mail-order, hospital, charitable, and nursing-home pharmacies in the real world. We had a separate federal class of trade, but the FTC allows competition between the separate classes.

As our net profits approach zero, we must continue to explain to all areas of government that the different classes of trade are not working for our industry.

In actuality, mail-order is my largest competitor, as I can compete against the big-box stores every day.

I truly enjoyed Ken Baker's article and hope to share other insights with him in the future.

Allen Cassidy, RPh

Food for thought

Here's an internal "self-check" for pharmacists:

1. We admit that although we are well-trained professionals, we are still human beings.

2. We believe in what we do and in the teamwork required to do it well.

3. We commit to be proficient with our resources and references.

4. We will be totally honest and ethical with our department inventories, including medications and monies.

5. We will not be vague, ambiguous, or deceitful in any aspect of business, including billing and taxes.

6. We accept that we have strengths and weaknesses, and so do our co-workers.

7. We remove all imperfect or questionable products from our shelves and unsafe distractions from our workplace.

8. We keep proper, accurate, and updated records, documents, and licenses at all times.

9. We correct all errors as soon as we are aware of them, conceal-ing nothing.

10. We regard each workday, client, and patient with fairness and our full attention. We check, double-check, and triple-check our work.

11. We seek constantly to improve our knowledge, keeping current with new products, laws, developments.

12. We strive to be grateful for the privilege of serving in healthcare, mentoring students and technicians with respect.

Diana Jurss, RPh

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