Important Steps You Need to Take Before Choosing a Pharmacy Software Vendor: Not All Review Sites Are Created Equal


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Whether you have previously considered a change in your pharmacy software system, or think there may be the possibility of a change sometime in the future, you must read on.

As you search online for information you will come across many review sites, including This website was created, is owned by, and operated by Pioneer RX. Historically, they have been in the #1 position and ranked as the best system out there dating back to the website’s launch.

There are many independent sites out there with real, independent reviews of pharmacy management software products that are not owned by any company listed on the site. While some of them do have a pay for positioning model, the reviews are validated and real. When searching for any product or service, you would typically trust independent reviews and rankings over data affiliated with any of the companies you are considering.

You’ve worked hard for the reputation you built for your business, just as so many of the pharmacy software companies on the market have. Take some time to look at a few of these independent review sites and read the reviews-- good and bad. How long have the pharmacies been customers of the vendor for? Take a look at how the companies stack up on various sites-- do not rely on just one. This should help you to feel more confident that what you're reading is accurate and helps build trust in the reviews. Consider who owns the software company you are looking at. Are they independently owned like you, or are they possibly owned by a large corporation, maybe even private equity investment groups? Understanding ownership, how long they have owned it, and the overall size of that company can help give you an idea of what to expect.

Once you have found at least 2-3 vendors that pique your interest, visit their websites, schedule a demo, and make sure to ask a lot of questions. Choosing a new software system is a big decision, as it takes time to convert your data from your existing system to the new one and to train you and your staff. Switching from a software vendor you are not happy with will help you run a more efficient business with less stress, and hopefully even better customer service!

Important steps to take before you make any decisions about switching your software vendor:

1: Who owns and operates the site you are reading reviews or information on about competing pharmacy software systems?

2: Have you looked across a few sites, not just one, to get an idea of how these companies are ranked?

3: Have you taken the time to read both the positive and negative reviews? Do not focus solely on star ratings!

4: Who owns the software vendors you are considering, and how long have they owned them? How large of a client base do they have? Ownership and size can help set your expectations as a customer.

5: Choose at least 2-3 potential candidates that you can compare against one another

6: Visit the websites of these companies and get to know a bit about them

7: Schedule demos of each product. Make sure to ask a lot of questions, and note whether you are receiving one on one attention at the time of the demo, or are you placed in a room with a bunch of other potential new clients?

Take your time, make your decision wisely, but do not be afraid of change. Technology today can help make or break your efficiency and long term plans for your business.

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