Hot off the press for December 12, 2005


ADA: Florida Medicaid reform threatens diabetics CMS pushes Part D help for lower-income folks Single-day Famvir shortens duration of herpes Nurses again top R.Ph.s in ethics poll Longs, Calif. Blue Shield to market Medicare Part D Pharmacists disagree over morning-after pill bill Survey: Physicians, R.Ph.s disagree on OTC statins Study explains higher risk of hypertension in Blacks LTCPA to CMS: Let's discuss rebate disclosure Novartis issues breast cancer drug warning FDA committee supports safety of Daytrana Amgen warns about Aranesp, Epogen Flomax tied to cataract surgery condition FDA approves simplified Kogenate reconstitution Firm seeks reports of Medicare Rx fraud, abuse British R.Ph.s win independent prescribing Part D Web site inflated some Rx prices

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