Environment of the Apothecary Shoppe


Bruce Kneeland discusses the environment of the Apothecary Shoppe in Salt Lake City, UT with the pharmacy's president, Kevin DeMass, RPh.

Bruce Kneeland: Well, I noticed when I came that the pharmacy is obviously different than the typical retail pharmacy. I couldn’t find the sign.

Kevin DeMass, RPh: Well, it’s funny you should say that. We don’t have a sign. My landlord and I decided not to put a sign out front and we are a word-of-mouth pharmacy so if you need to find us and find the services that are offered here at the apothecary shop, you have to know somebody to be our patient.

Bruce Kneeland: Well, wow that’s impressive. We’ll talk a little more about those services in a minute, but the pharmacy looks very nice and I understand that you’ve been in this physical spot 11 years. Tell me a little bit about the environment that we’re standing in here.

Kevin DeMass, RPh: Yeah, we moved over here about 11 years ago. This whole wing was a labor and delivery and medical records in the hospital, so we remodeled that and added a cancer center, we added a neurology center, we added some orthopedics and some behavioral health into this side of the campus. And so, when we did that, we decided to put a pharmacy down in the basement and that’s where we live and reside now.

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